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Our home on four acres is all electric and we use our water well for a lot of irrigation. After years of hefty electric bills we decided to look into solar. Our first contact was with a fast-talking salesman for Solar City. We were not impressed and decided to look around for a local company.  We are so glad we found Mark at A.M. Sun Solar!  Located in Atascadero, CA they are honest and reliable. Mention Ben & Laura Doty and we'll get a $500 referral check - you'll get a great solar system from a trusted company AND a case of wine from us!

Our electric bills went from a "balanced budget" of $400 per month to a (deductible) 15-year loan payment of $296 and power bills in the range of $10-20 per month! We love it and highly recommend buying your own system!!

At A.M. Sun Solar we offer tailored solutions with limited hassle. We not only customize our projects for maximum output to turn your meter backwards, but analyze your bills and usage in order to move you to a rate that maximizes energy costs during hours of peak solar electricity production.

Click here to see what our 36-panel residential system is generating! No more $430+ electric bills for us!!